2013 Christmas Concert Preview

Join us for an evening of great music and a heart-warming story about a young boy who learns from his own adoption what it means to become a child of God. Hot drinks & refreshments will follow the program.

Ebenezer Celebration

“Then Samuel took a stone, and set it between Mizpeh and Shen, and called the name of it Eben-ezer, saying, Hitherto hath the LORD helped us.” — I Samuel 7:12 Ebenezer literally means “Stone of Help.”  God has helped us in countless ways since our humble beginnings 17 years ago.   As we’ve endeavored to …

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Now Meeting In Our New Building

We rejoiced yesterday to meet in our new building, located at 711 Redding Road (Route 53).  After many months of delays we were finally granted a certificate of occupancy, allowing us to enjoy the beautiful new building God provided for us.  Below are a few photos from yesterday.

2012 Children’s Christmas Program

This past Sunday evening, our children raised the bar once again with an excellent Christmas program.  Singing, dramatization, and even live animals were included in this year’s program.  Check out the photos below:

Still Without Power

Our church building is still without power in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.  No power means no lights, no heat, and no water.  So, we met in the home of one of our members where we squeezed into the family room for the services.  We enjoyed lunch together after the morning service, then followed that …

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Church Hike 2012

This past Saturday, the church embarked on its 3rd annual autumn hike.  This year’s group was a bit smaller than that of previous years, but we enjoyed glorious weather and great fellowship. Eight of us braved the steeps of Breakneck Ridge overlooking the Hudson River, Pollepel Island, and West Point to the south. A stop …

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Labor Day’s Labor Day Video

As mentioned in our previous post, several members of our church gathered to work on what will be the main portion of the front lawn at our new building.  The day involved lots of hard work, but we still found time for some food, fun, and fellowship.  Here’s a 2-minute video of our “Labor” Day together.

Exterior Progress on New Church Building

The roof, siding, and windows are up on the new building. Doors have also been installed since these photos were taken, and the building is now secured so progress can continue more rapidly on the interior.  Plumbing and wiring will be coming next.  Here are a few photos of the exterior progress.

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